5 Ways to Prevent Lice Naturally

5 Ways to Prevent Lice Naturally

How do you  prevent lice naturally?

By Katie Mae, Contributing Writer

LICE, when does that word not make your head itch all over at the mere mention of the word?

This is the year of the “super lice” — doesn’t that have a pleasant ring to it?

Thankfully, if you are treating a case of lice naturally, it doesn’t change a thing. It simply means that most of the lice being found this year are resistant to the chemical pesticides that the majority of the population use to treat lice.

Super lice in no way affect how you go about preventing or treating lice naturally.

Don’t fall prey to common myths about lice. There are easy and affordable solutions to prevent lice naturally.

5 Ways to Prevent Lice Naturally MAH

5 Ways to Prevent Lice Naturally

#1: “If it’s for the hair, don’t share”

This is an age-old bit of wisdom that we all grew up with. The easiest way to spread lice is to share hats, brushes, combs, and hair accessories.

Generally, it’s nice to share but items for your hair should be off limits.

#2: Keep Hair Short or Back

Short hair makes it a little less difficult to get lice. When long hair is left to flow about it is easier for lice to transfer themselves from one head to another. If you have long hair pull it back into a bun or braid.

#3: Bathe Less Often

Did you know that lice are attracted to clean heads? That’s right, if you have a slight build up of grease in your hair it is harder for the lice to cling to the hair shafts.

Clean hair = breeding ground for lice

There is rarely a need to bath every day as it is. You are doing your body a favor by taking a day off. Plus the lice won’t like you!

#4: Use Herbs and Essential Oils

When you think you or your child may have been exposed to lice it is a good idea to take measures to ensure that you don’t get them.

Did you know that there are herbs that repel and kill lice? A natural lice spray full of herbs or essential oils like lavender, tansy, rosemary, and tea tree oil is just what your hair needs!

Herbs and oils to prevent lice naturally: 

Another way to prevent lice naturally is to add tea tree oil to your regular shampoo bottle. About 10 drops per cup is sufficient. This is one simple thing that I have done for almost 10 years with great success.

#5: Treat Affected People

If someone if your house has lice, treat them as quickly as possible!

Not keeping your house clean is one of the easiest ways to spread lice.

Wash and/or dry their bedding, towels, and clothes daily. Lice can live for up to 24 hours away from their host. Heat is the best way to kill the lice on cloth items.

If someone in your house has lice, a natural lice spray can be used on cloth furniture.

Preventing lice naturally is not only safer for your family, but it is extremely effective as well.


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