Glyphosate Mutation Holocaust Taking Place Across the World... and It's No Dystopian Sci-fi Film

Glyphosate Mutation Holocaust Taking Place Across the World… and It’s No Dystopian Sci-fi Film


Source: Glyphosate mutation holocaust taking place across the world… and it’s no dystopian sci-fi film

(NaturalNews) In the dystopian novel 1984, George Orwell describes a world we thought we’d never see: perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and of course, public manipulation through tyrannical “English” socialism. The privileged elite even persecutes independent thinking, calling it “thought-crime.” This “Big Brother” party of the government, in the story, pushes propaganda and engages in historical revisionism, so everything people see and hear through media and in history books fits the ruling power’s agenda. This authoritarian, Orwellian, fictional world of deception, manipulation, and secret surveillance is exactly what we all know today in the USA as real, not “conspiracy theory” or some pulp fiction novel from 30-some years ago.

No, we know NSA’s prism; and we know about Monsanto’s poisonous crops laced with noxious pesticide chemicals; we know that the sodium fluoride in tap water lowers human IQ; we know that the government controls and watches all social media, tracks every phone call and email, and controls the mass media propaganda; and we know that the cameras at intersections and on street corners aren’t put there for our “safety.” We also know that the cancer epidemic in America is not “inherited.” What else do we know for sure?

1984–2016: GMO, Glyphosate and ‘Gatorade’ Idiocracy

In the satirical, science-fiction comedy film Idiocracy, actor Luke Wilson plays the role of a soldier who takes part in a top-secret military hibernation experiment. To his dismay, he wakes up 500 years later, also in a dystopian world where crime runs rampant, pollution is everywhere, and all the crops are dying, because the government thinks watering them with Gatorade is healthy and sustainable, since Gatorade contains “electrolytes!” The President is mentally challenged, like all of the citizens, who are either in prison or watching their “boob tube” while sucking down gooey-sugar-food through straws. The cult film was more than a spoof on how society and the government are quickly eroding the environment and everyone’s health in the process, but rather it nailed the problems of today – right on the head.

Just like “President Camacho” in Idiocracy, our U.S. Presidents allow crops to be watered and sprayed with poison, but can’t seem to figure out the problem with the dying crops and dying people. Monsanto, an evil corporation, runs the FDA, and says spraying glyphosate on all crops is 100 percent safe, 100 percent of the time, for 100 percent of the people, including children, babies and pregnant mothers. Just like in the “fictional” film where we are informed that the parent corporation of the crop poison “Brawndo” is the same corporation that purchased the FDA and the USDA.

30 years of GMO and counting: Autism, mental health disorders, malformations, infertility, immune-deficiency, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Thirty years ago genetically modified organisms were introduced into the DNA of U.S. crops to kill insects and weeds. Mountains of scientific evidence since have proven without a doubt that Roundup (which is 50 percent glyphosate plus other deadly chemicals working in tandem to make glyphosate even more toxic), causes cancer in animals.

Neonicotinoids (“neonics”) are also toxic herbicides that killed nearly half of all the honeybees in America last year. The bees die from dementia, as they can’t find the honeycomb or do their job pollinating.

Now we’re seeing grotesque, horrific animal mutations taking place all over the world, thanks to deadly glyphosate. Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) deemed glyphosate a probable carcinogen for humans. One study conducted by researchers from Germany and Egypt found that pigs fed glyphosate spawn “mutant” offspring that are plagued by deformations, including some with missing eyes and transgender organ development.

U.S. Dystopia Disease

How stupid are we? To continue to consume known carcinogens daily and wonder why humans and animals are dying of cancer, Alzheimer’s and birth defects, is just plain “idiocracy.” The pesticides, including insecticides and herbicides, used on U.S. conventional crops are killing everything they touch, except for the poisonous GM plants that contain the same chemicals as part of their genetic makeup. Thanks a lot “science!” What will the humans and their babies look like after 30 more years of glyphosate consumption? Will we recognize our own relatives? Will we all be deformed and still be eating poison? Will we all die young?

There’s no use walking when it’s “past time to run.” Get smart now and stop consuming toxins. Boycott everything GMO. Buy local and organic. Watch out for chemical-based medicine too! Avoid all that “idiocracy.”

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