At Home Leg and Booty Workout

At Home Leg and Booty Workout

Format: do 3 rounds; do each move for the prescribed amount of reps

at home legs and booty1: Lunge with Bicep Curls and Knee Drivers (10 each side)

  • Hold your weights in each hand and stand with feet hip distance apart. Step back into a reverse lunge with your right foot, keeping your core engaged, chest up and knees aligned with your feet.
  • As you step back, do a biceps curl with your weighted objects. Keep you shoulders up and back, don’t let them round forward.
  • Keep your weight steady through your front foot, light in your toes and as you step forward, drive your right knee up to your chest lowering the weights out of the bicep curl. This move requires a lot of balance and control – so take your time. Break it up into separate parts as you learn it.
  • Mod: Take out the knee drive and the weights, and just focus on the reverse lunges.

2. Calf Raises (15 reps, 10 pulses) 

  • Stand tall, core engaged holding weighted objects in each hand. Keep your shoulders engaged and actively drawing slightly back to keep your chest up.
  • Lift up onto your toes and lower back down. You can optionally rock back onto your heels lifting your toes for a bonus shin muscle activation.

3. Sumo Goblet Lift (15) 

  • Stand in a wide sumo stance, toes out slightly, knees aligned with your toes.
  • Hold a weight between your thighs, make sure your chest stays open and shoulders are back together.
  • Drive your hips back, squatting down keeping your core engaged. Squeeze your glutes to drive back up. Don’t dip your chest toward the floor, only go down as deep as you can go while maintaining a nice upright form.
  • Mod: No weight? Do Sumo jump squats to burn your butt, or do sumo squats in place.

4. Lateral Leg Lifts (20 each leg)

  • Lie on your right side with legs straight, core engaged and hips square in front of you. If you have a stretchy band, place it around your calves.
  • Lift and lower your top leg smoothly. Switch to the other side and repeat.
  • Mod: no stretchy band is fine! You will still get the benefit of using gravity to your advantage by doing the lateral leg lifts from the floor.

5. Hamstring Runners (10 each leg) 

  • Position yourself seated, and place your heels on your sliders. Dig your heels down into the ground and lift your hips up into a reverse plank with your hands just below your shoulders.
  • Drag one heel in towards your body at a time, activating your hamstrings. Push your heel back out with control.
  • Mod: rest your upper body on the couch or soft chair back to relieve the pressure on your wrists and hands.

6. Reverse Tabletop Slide Lifts (10 total)

  • Stay in the same position as  the hamstring runners but this time you’ll pull both heels in at the same time, lifting up to reverse tabletop. Keep your core engaged, booty lifting each time.
  • When you come back to start, press one leg out at a time to maintain control.
  • Mod: rest your upper body on the couch or soft chair back to relieve the pressure on your wrists and hands.

7. Popover Squats (10 total)

  • Grab your step, box or even a towel to use as a marker and place it in the center of your mat.
  • Stand on one side of it and squat down, loading the weight in your heels.  Jump over your box and land in a squat position on the other side, and drop right into another squat.
  • Spin around to face your box again and jump over it again, landing in a squat and performing another squat.


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