Wearing Proper Sunglasses Can Protect You From Some Serious Sun Damage

Wearing Proper Sunglasses Can Protect You From Some Serious Sun Damage

Well folks, summer has arrived.That means something different for everyone. If you’re a teacher, it probably means a few months of rest,relaxation, and time spent with family and friends. If you’re working a stressful job in the city, it could mean that you get to leave work a few hours earlier on Fridays to enjoy the sunshine and soak in that vitamin D. Some folks like to get out to the beach as often as possible, while others prefer to sit in the shade of an oak tree and dive into a good book while the breeze brushes over their arms.

But, there is one thing that everyone should be doing in the summer wearing UV protective sunglasses.

You might think that any old pair of glasses will suffice, as long as they look cute on your face. However, not all sunglasses will actually protect you from the sun.

Newscaster for WTNH News8, Sam Kantrow, admits that he didn’t even own a pair of sunglasses before this segment. But after he hears what Dr. Peter A. Marks has to say about the importance of protecting your eyes, I’ll bet you he changed his mind about owning a pair of shades.

We all know that sunglasses protect our retinas from the sun, but you have to hear what else they can save you from in the long run.The best part? Even cheap sunglasses can offer the necessary protection.

I honestly had no idea before, and I’m definitely going to run out and grab a proper pair as soon as I can.

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