How to Beat Negative Self-Talk

How to Beat Negative Self-Talk

Do you ever catch yourself beating yourself up for not doing your workout, not eating right, not weighing a certain amount, not being a certain way, or just like, everything?!

Me too.

I got really tired of how that was affecting me so I figured out a great way to beat it.

I’ll take you through what I do right now in this short video so you can follow along and do the 3 steps:

BTW, if you’re struggling with BODY issues and some of your negative self-talk stems from there (which has been a lot of my personal struggles over the years), here’s where I’ve landed on that…

Your body is a beautiful machine made up of millions of cells, all working hard and dedicated to the purpose of YOU.

Make friends with your body.

Treat her with love and kindness. She carries you through your entire life.

When you’re tempted to judge her, look instead with loving eyes for things you can admire.

When you’re tempted to eat foods that hurt your stomach, think about that factory inside your body, all of those cells and organs like a little factory of workers working so hard every day to make you healthy and energized – overload them with too much work too often and they get exhausted, they can’t keep up, and you feel the effects.

Think about that factory inside and what nourishes it. What helps the workers do their jobs for you?

I know it might be a weird analogy but ever since I started thinking about my body this way, caring about the organs and how hard all those inner structures work for me, I started thinking and behaving in a very different way towards myself.

That’s how I learned to I love my body so much.

Through the ebbs and flows of how she looks on the outside, her inner rhythms and cycles, through the passing of time and the changes that happen, through all the things that come my way.

So grateful to have this marvelous vessel to live in and to have the privilege to care for it.

You’ve probably heard me say that how your body looks and feels is a byproduct of how you treat yourself. I used to treat myself pretty poorly, mentally and physically.

Using alcohol, drugs, and food to escape from the stress of my difficult emotions and the constant pressure I felt about trying to figure out my identity had me running a constant mental loop of stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk that would inevitably lead to more compulsive behavior, exhaustion, and a lack of fulfillment.

Just know that I had to work hard on these very things (using ALL of the principles on this blog – the mindset, fitness and nutrition pieces) to be the woman I am today, and if you’re struggling with any of these things, there is hope.

Combining this framework with the way I deal with negative self-talk has been a recipe for massive success for me personally, and the people I now coach and serve.

Try it out today and drop me a line below to let me know if this struck a chord.

Here’s to you, Rockstar – living a long, healthy life feeling good about yourself on all levels. ❤️

Let me help you stay motivated, on track and in a positive head space on your health fitness journey.

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